TALANTA | peer-reviewed journal for the study of Antiquity

TALANTA is an Amsterdam-based, peer-reviewed journal for the study of Antiquity (ISSN: 0165-2486). Founded in 1969, it is published by the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society, an independent body of Dutch scholars in the fields of Mediterranean Archaeology, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Philology, and Ancient History.

The journal is devoted to the study of the ancient world in its widest sense, embracing the Mediterranean world, the Near East, the Iranian world, and East-West relations, from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity. It contains a broad variety of studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Art History, and Classical and Near Eastern Philology, as well as a book review section. The supplementum ponticum and the supplementum epigraphicum mediterraneum additionally offer a range of studies on the history and archaeology of the Black Sea region and the various languages of the ancient Mediterranean.

TALANTA is a Green Open Access journal. We welcome articles and book reviews which emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. We particularly invite contributions that engage with the intersection of archaeological and historical studies, as well as those that critically interact with social and archaeological theory. 

Call for Articles TALANTA 57 (2025)


Latest additions: 

Talanta 2022 ● Volume 54 (Printed)

Talanta 2019 ● Volume LI (Open Access)

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