2010-2011 ● Volume XLII-XLIII

Contents of volumes XLII-XLIII (2010/2011) (PDF):

  • Bruseker, George (Greece), Calanus and Dandamis: A Greek sketch of ancient Indian Thought, 7 (PDF)
  • Strootman, Rolf (the Netherlands), Alexander’s Thessalian Cavalry, 51 (PDF)
  • Avaliani, Eka (Georgia), Canaanite colonies of Imperial Egypt, 69 (PDF)
  • Stronk, Jan P. (the Netherlands), Philobarbaroi or Xenophobetikoi? Greek authors on Persia(ns). An exploration, 83 (PDF)
  • Brouwers, Josho (the Netherlands), A Note on Romantic Love in Homer, 105 (PDF)
  • Eijnde, Floris van den (the Netherlands), The forgotten Sanctuary of Zeus on Mount Parnes, 113 (PDF)
  • Klaassen, Ylva (the Netherlands), Migration and Integration in the Roman World: A New Approach towards Culture and Identity, 129 (PDF)
  • Piermarini, Sylvia (Belgium), Deux nouveaux miroirs de la collection inédite de Museo Archeologici Nationale: étude typologique et stylistique, 157 (PDF)
  • Bosman, Arjen V., and Jean Roefstra (the Netherlands), Greek Pottery in the Abbey at Egmond, 169 (PDF)


  • Blazek, Vaclav (Czech Republic), On the reinterpretation of some Gaulish inscriptions, 177 (PDF)
  • Freu, Jacques (France). Le Vase d’argent du Musée des Civilisations Anatoliennes d’Ankara, 185 (PDF)
  • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (the Netherlands), The Luwian Hieroglyphic Texts Maras 8, Iskenderun, and Maras 14, 193 (PDF)
  • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (the Netherlands), Two Notes on Lydian, 207 (PDF)
  • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (the Netherlands), Some more Etruscan Inscriptions, 215 (PDF)


  • Geography of Southwest Anatolia: Notes to Gander 2010. A Review Article (Woudhuizen, Fred C.), 235 (PDF)


  • Docter, Roald F. (Belgium) and Fred C. Woudhuizen (the Netherlands), Forty-three years Talanta: an Index to Volumes I – XLIII, 241 (PDF)