2008-2009 ● Volume XL-XLI

Contents of volumes XL-XLI (2008/2009):

    • Papadopoulos, Angelos (Cyprus), The distribution of the Late Helladic IIIA-B ivory helmeted heads, 7 (PDF)
    • Kertai, David (Germany), The history of the Middle-Assyrian kingdom, 25 (PDF)
    • Pappa, Eleftheria (United Kingdom), Reflections on the earliest Phoenician presence in North-West Africa, 53 (PDF)
    • Höckmann, Olaf (Germany), Griechischer Seeverkehr mit dem archaischen Naukratis in Ägypten, 73 (PDF)
    • Senden, Arjan (The Netherlands), Zenobia in nummis, 137 (PDF)


    • Ligt, Luuk de (The Netherlands), An ‘eteocretan’ inscription from Praisos and the homeland of the Sea Peoples, 151 (PDF)
    • Blažek, Václav (Czech Republic), On the North Picenean Language, 173 (PDF)
    • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (The Netherlands), Phrygian & Greek
      With an Appendix by Waanders, Frits (The Netherlands), Some notes on Phrygian & Greek, 181 (PDF)
  • Stronk, Jan P. (The Netherlands), P. Oxy 2330: A new collation, 219 (PDF)


    • G.W. Bowersock, Mosaics As History: The Near East from Late Antiquity to Islam (Diklah Zohar), 223 (PDF)
    • Ilya S. Yakoubovich, Sociolinguistics of the Luwian language (Lia Rietveld and Fred C. Woudhuizen), 227 (PDF)