2013 ● Volume XLV

Contents of volume XLV (2013) PDF:

  • Introduction  PDF
  • García Ruiz, Maria Pilar (Spain) and Alberto J. Quiroga Puertas (Spain), Preface,  PDF
  • Gualandri, Isabella (Spain), Introduction: Linguistic and Cultural Alterity in the Roman Empire: Historiography and Panegyrics, PDF
  • Torres, José B. (Spain), The bilingual emperor: Eusebius of Caesarea, Vita Constantini,  PDF
  • Burgersdijk, Diederik (TheNetherlands), Praise through letters: Panegyrical Strategies in Eusebius’ Life of Constantine and the Historia Augusta ,  PDF
  • Rees, Roger (United Kingdom), From alterity to unity in Pacatus Drepanius’ panegyric to Theodosius,  PDF
  • Quiroga Puertas, Alberto J. (Spain), The Others: cultural monotheism and the rhetorical construction of ‘Cultural Alterity’ in Libanius’ Panegyrics,  PDF
  • Kelly, Gavin (United Kingdom), Ammianus’ Greek accent,  PDF
  • García Ruiz, Maria Pilar (Spain),The ‘Marcellus case’ and the loyalty of Julian: ‘latent arguments’ and cultural Otherness in Ammianus’ Res Gestae,  PDF
  • Sánchez-Ostiz, Álvaro (Spain), Lucretius, Cicero, Theodorus: Greek philosophy and Latin eloquence in Claudian’s encomiastic imagination,  PDF
  • Gualandri, Isabella (Spain), Claudian, from Easterner to Westerner,  PDF
  • Quiroga Puertas, Alberto J. (Spain), Final Remarks: Rhetorizing Cultural Alterity in Late Antique Historiography and Panegyrics,  PDF

Bibliography, Sources and Indices  PDF