2012 ● Volume XLIV

Contents (PDF)

  • Papadopoulos, Angelos (Greece), Introduction: Current Research and Perspectives on the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean, 13-18 (PDF)


  • Doumas,Christos (Greece), The Impact of the Sea on the Greek Language, 19-26 (PDF)
  • Yasur-Landau, Assaf (Israel), The ‘Feathered Helmets’ of the Sea Peoples: Joining the Iconographic and Archaeological Evidence, 27-40 (PDF)
  • Kelder, Jorrit (United Kingdom), Ahhiyawa and the World of the Great Kings: A Re-evaluation of Mycenaean Political Structures, 41-52 (PDF)
  • Blakolmer, Fritz (Austria), The Missing ‘Barbarians’: Some Thoughts on Ethnicity and Identity in Aegean Bronze Age Iconography, 53-77 (PDF)


  • Papadopoulos, Angelos (Greece), A matter of quantity? Some notes on Late Bronze Age Exchange Modes in the Eastern Mediterranean, 79-91 (PDF)
  • Papadimitriou, Nikolas (Greece), Regional or ‘international’ networks? A comparative examination of Aegean and Cypriot imported pottery in the Eastern Mediterranean, 92-136 (PDF)
  • Georgakopoulos, Kostas (Greece), Minoan-Anatolian relations and the Ahhiyawa question: A reassessment of the evidence, 137-156 (PDF)
  • Fappas, Ioannis (Greece), Precious gifts and the circulation of oils in the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, 157-182 (PDF)
  • Sørensen, Annette Højen (Denmark), Handling handles: Local cups from Toumba tou Skourou, Cyprus, with a Cretan twist, 183-205 (PDF)
  • Kolotourou, Katherina (United Kingdom), Musico-cultural amalgamations in the Eastern Mediterranean: A percussive view from the Aegean, 206-226 (PDF)


  • Vakirtzi, Sophia (Greece), The decorated spindle-whorls from prehistoric Akrotiri, Thera, 227-243 (PDF)
  • Vlachopoulos, Andreas (Greece) and Sophia Sotiropoulou (Greece), The Blue Colour on the AkrotiriWall-paintings: From the Palette of the Theran Painter to the Laboratory Analysis, 245-272 (PDF)
  • Molloy, Barry (United Kingdom), The Origins of Plate Armour in the Aegean and Europe, 273-294 (PDF)
  • Theodoropoulou, Tatiana (Greece), Searching for the Sea: The Exploitation of Marine Resources in Late Bronze Age Aegean, 295-314 (PDF)
  • Shaw, Ian (United Kingdom), The archaeology of refuse disposal in New Kingdom Egypt: Patterns of production and consumption at el- Amarna, 315-333 (PDF)