2004-2005 ● Volume XXXVI-XXXVII

Contents of volumes XXXVI-XXXVII (2004/2005) (PDF):

  • Weerd, Maarten Derk de (The Netherlands), In memoriam Ben van Beek (1938 – Amsterdam – 2005), 7 (PDF)
  • Zwarte, Ruud de (The Netherlands), Greek temple design reconsidered: the temple of Athena at Paestum and its monumental stepped altar. With a digression on methodology in Greek metrology, 11 (PDF)
  • Kelder, Jorrit M. (The Netherlands), Mycenaeans in Western Anatolia. With an Appendix by Woudhuizen, Fred C. (The Netherlands), Reflexes of Western Anatolian toponyms in Linear B texts, 86 (PDF)
  • Koens, Hans (The Netherlands), A Luristan sword in the Allard Pierson Museum: some metallurgical considerations, 89 (PDF)
  • Stronk, Jan P. (The Netherlands), Ctesias of Cnidus. From physician to author, 101 (PDF)
  • Manders, Erika (The Netherlands), Religion and coinage. Heliogabalus and Alexander Severus: two extremes?, 123 (PDF)
  • Burgersdijk. Diederik (The Netherlands), Zenobia’ s biography in the Historia Augusta, 139 (PDF)


  • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (The Netherlands), Further evidence on the relation between Celtiberian and Southwest Iberian: the case of the inscription from Sasamon, 155 (PDF)
  • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (The Netherlands), Mira: evidence for conti­nuity in Western Anatolia during the transition from the Late Bronze to Early Iron Age, 165 (PDF)
  • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (The Netherlands), Some more on Cretan hieroglyphic seals:, (PDF)
    • Tarkondemos in Cretan Hieroglyphic, 171 
    • King Minos in Cretan Hieroglyphic, 176 
    • Nestor’s Cretan Hieroglyphic Seal, 179 


  • Donnellan, Lieve (Belgium), Ethnic Identity on the western Black Sea area: the cases of Histria, Kallatis and Apollonia Pontika (7th-4/3th centuries BC), 189 (PDF)
  • Boer, Jan G. de (The Netherlands), The Greek colonies in the Pontic area during the 5th century BC, Athens, the rise of the “barbarian” kingdoms and the Ionian Revolt: an economic approach, 269 (PDF)
  • Damyanov, Margarit (Bulgaria), Notes on the development of Odessos and its vicinity until Early Hellenistic Times, 289 (PDF)


  • Neeft, Kees (The Netherlands), Corinth, Demeter, and Sicily. A review of three publications of Corinthian pottery from Demeter sanctuaries in Sicily, 311 (PDF)
  • Weerd, Maarten Derk de (The Netherlands), Trade or controlled supply? Roman artefacts in Northwestern Germania. A review article (Michael Erdrich, Rom und die Barbaren), 339 (PDF)