2006-2007 ● Volume XXXVIII-XXXIX


  • Davis, Brent (Melbourne, Australia), The Lunar Year of the Coligny Calendar as a precedent for the insular lunar year, 9 (PDF)
  • Davis, Brent (Melbourne, Australia), The Solar year of the Coligny Calendar as an analogue of the Roman solar year, 35 (PDF)
  • De Zwarte, Ruud (The Netherlands), Pythagorean Harmony Mathematics and Building Techniques: the Second Temple of Hera (‘Poseidon’) at Paestum, 71 (PDF)
  • Pakkanen, Jari (Great Britain), The Erechtheion and the length of the ‘Doric-Pheidonic’ Foot, 97 (PDF)
  • Margaritis, Evi (Greece), Archaeobotanical investigations at the Geometric site of Krania, Southern Pieria in Macedonia, Greece, 123 (PDF)
  • Govantes-Edwards, David (Great Britain), The New Institutionalism. A new theoretical approach to the study of classical economics, 133 (PDF)
  • Naerebout, F. (The Netherlands), Global Romans? Is Globalisation a concept that is going to help us understand the Roman Empire?, 149 (PDF)
  • Selçuk Şener, Y./Bekir Eskici/Cengiz Çetin (Turkey), The Zeugma Wall Paintings: study and recovery of the Roman decorations, 171 (PDF)
  • Kool,Wouter (The Netherlands), Just another changing city? The urban development of Rome AD 400-900, 189 (PDF)
  • Schuddeboom, Feyo (The Netherlands), Orgia and Telete in the epigraphical evidence, 225 (PDF)
  • Avaliani, Eka (Georgia),Which goddess could be hidden behind the title
    “The Queen of Heaven” in Jeremiah’s prophetic books?, 239 (PDF)
  • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (The Netherlands), Dionysos and his cult in Etruscan texts, 249 (PDF)


  • Woudhuizen, Fred C. (The Netherlands), Traces of ethnic identities in Etruscan onomastics, 259 (PDF)


  • Boer, Jan G. de (The Netherlands), Phantom-Mycenaeans in the Black Sea, 277 (PDF)
  • Berdzenishvili, Irma (Georgia), The Ancient Christian Monuments of the Black Sea Eastern Littoral – Pitiunt (Bichvinta), 303 (PDF)