1992-1993 ● Volume XXIV-XXV


  • Jan Best, Racism in Classical Archaeology, 7-11 (PDF)
  • Jan G. de Boer, Etruscan Sea-Going Vessels from the 10th to 5th Century BC, 11-22 (PDF)
  • Roald F. Docter, Two Sherds in a Cigarbox: The Greek Component in Toscanos-Mainake, 23-42 (PDF)
  • J.H.R van den Hoogen, Building a Ritual Landscape:The Fidestemple at Elst and the Limes with the Batavians, 43-58 (PDF)
  • Georgi Kitov & Marlena Krasteva, A 4th Century BC Thracian Royal Tomb from the Kazanluk Region, Southern Bulgaria, 59-76 (PDF)
  • Lazarov, Die Bleigewichte von Odessos, 77-84 (PDF)
  • Daan W. Smit, Kurunta & Tuthalija (IV): A Greek Practice among the Hittites?, 85-98 (PDF)
  • Daan W. Smit, Paiderastia: A ‘Greek’ Practice Reconsidered, 99-116 (PDF)
  • Jan P. Stronk, (Greek) Sailing Merchant-ships, c. 500-330 BC—A Preliminary Research, 117-142 (PDF)

Supplementum Epigraphicum Mediterraneum

  • Ottomar Neuss, Signifikante Hinweise für die Decodierung des Diskos von Phaistös—Die “Domen” in ihrer Funktion als Kartuschen der entsprechenden Wortgefüge, 143-160 (PDF)
  • Maya Vassileva, The Inscribed Thracian and Phrygian Phialae in Comparative Perspective, 161-166 (PDF)
  • Fred C. Woudhuizen, On the Dating of Luwian Great Kings, 167-220 (PDF)


  • Fred Woudhuizen, The Language of the Sea Peoples [with a foreword by Jan Best] (Johan W. Jong), 221-222 (PDF)