1978-1979 ● Volume X-XI


  • J. D. Aalders H. Wzn., The city of Dyme punishes monetary fraud, 7-10 (PDF)
  • de Blois, The reign of the emperor Philip the Arabian, 11-43 (PDF)
  • Frei-Stolba, Legio X Equestris, 44-61 (PDF)
  • M. Jongman, M. Obellius M.f. Firmus, Pompeian Duovir, 62-65 (PDF)
  • L. O’Neil, The constitution of Chios in the fifth century B.C., 66-73 (PDF)
  • W. Pleket, New inscriptions from Lydia, 74-91 (PDF)
  • A. D. Smelik, The ‘omina mortis’ in the Histories of Alexander the Great, 92-111 (PDF)
  • Strubbe, Les noms indigènes à Pessinonte, 112-145 (PDF)