1970 ● Volume II


  • Festuca, quasi hastae loco / H. van den Brink, 1-21, PDF
  • The Minoan Genius in Mycenaean Greece: a review I J. H. Crouwel, 23-31, PDF
  • A reaction upon ‘The Minoan Genius in Mycenaean Greece: a review’ / F. T. van Straten, 33-35, PDF
  • Some recent Work on the Treatment of Prisoners of War in Ancient Greece I A. H. Jackson, 37-53, PDF
  • Nine Greek Inscriptions from the Cayster-Valley in Lydia: a republication / H.W. Pleket, 55-88, PDF 
  • Iberian Girdle Fasteners in a Nijmegen Museum I A. Roes Roes, 89-94, PDF
  • Twelve Documentary Papyri from the Amsterdam Papyrus Collection I P. J. Sijpesteijn, 95-115, PDF